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A Little Recognition Goes A Long Way

A Little Recognition Goes A Long Way


Except for family and close friends, I’ve pretty much kept my alter ego, Angela the Writer, under wraps. Most people know that I work part-time as a bookkeeper. They don’t know about my secret second job, the one that doesn’t pay yet, but that I’m hoping will someday soon become my full-time job.


Why have I kept my writing a secret? In the beginning, I was afraid I would fail. Fear of failure has always been a huge obstacle for me. What if I wasn't any good? I didn’t want to have to admit to myself, let alone anyone else, that my goal of being an author might not happen. Then, as my confidence in my writing abilities grew, I didn’t want to brag or sound pretentious. Could I call myself a writer now or did I have to wait until I had something published? It was easier to keep my writing aspirations to myself.


Well, things have changed. My secret identity has been discovered. This weekend I was asked, “Are you that Angela De Groot?” by a neighbor at our local swim club. She pointed at my Summer Safety Smarts article in the June issue of South Jersey MOM magazine. My answer that I am indeed “that Angela De Groot” was met with a reaction that I can only describe as thrilling. She and her friends congratulated me on my article and asked permission to display it on the notice board for all pool members to see (and learn about Summer Safety – it is a swim club after all.) They even called me a local celebrity. I have been smiling about this for days now.


So, my alter ego is not so secret anymore. That’s okay, I’m not afraid to fail anymore. I’m a writer. Oh yes, I am.



Jeanne and Eileen, thank you.



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May. 29th, 2008 08:44 pm (UTC)
Angela DeGroot, Superstar!!
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