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Rabbits are stupid. Bugs Bunny may be the exception because he manages to outwit Elmer Fudd, but the rabbits in my backyard are plain stupid. How else do you explain the rabbit burrow in the middle of my back lawn where my obsessive compulsive golden retriever likes to play fetch? If one of us won’t throw the tennis ball for her (bad humans!) she’ll toss the ball herself and then make a big game out of pretending that she doesn’t know where it is and run circles around the lawn “hunting” for the pesky ball. So how could a rabbit think that this is a good place to set up home?


Last Saturday night, my intrepid firefly hunting boys discovered a baby rabbit in the middle of the lawn, a couple of inches from its burrow. My little guy was convinced that the baby rabbit was “a groundhog looking for his shadow”. The baby rabbit’s eyes were still shut and it only had a dusting of hair on its little body.


Dilemma! Move the rabbit to the safety of the wooded area bordering my lawn and risk its parents not finding it, or leave it where it is and risk my dog finding it and mistaking the baby for a new squeaky dog toy?


I opted for leaving the baby rabbit where it was and hoped that the momma bunny would return. We kept our ball crazy dog inside the house as much as possible (bad humans!) and placed the kids’ water table over the baby rabbit, offering it some protection from predators and the elements while allowing easy access for its parents.


Every morning and evening, I checked on the little guy and it was constantly in my thoughts. I was careful not to linger because I didn’t want to scare the parents from returning. The baby didn’t appear to be in distress and seemed quite active, wriggling through the grass and forcing me to keep repositioning the water table. I assumed the mommy was returning to feed it in the grass. Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, the rabbit baby seemed fine, so I got my hopes up. Thursday morning I checked on it, whispered a couple of reassuring words and moved the water table again to give the little guy some shade. When I checked on the baby Thursday evening, I shed a tear - it had passed on to the cabbage patch in the sky.


Well, I had done what I could. I let nature run its course, (except for the water table part) and thankfully my OC dog hadn't found the baby rabbit and played with it to death. I hope the stupid rabbits dig their burrows somewhere other than in the centre of my lawn. I’d rather not see anymore baby bunnies.


Jun. 27th, 2008 08:53 pm (UTC)
Oh, shame.


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