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"For some of us, much of the joy of going on a writing retreat comes from spending time with other writers. Who else truly understands our need for solitude, our particular quirkiness, our mutterings and frustrations, our joys an disappointments?"
- Judy Reeves.

"During sessions of solitude, periods of silence, or 'time retreats,' we shun life's chattering distractions and simply notice what is left: ourselves."
- Helen Cordes

"With the rest of the world pared away, a clear vision of long-buried beliefs and dreams takes center stage and anything seems possible."
- Margo Rabb

"I have three entire days alone - three pure and rounded pearls."
- Virginia Woolf

I was lucky enough to have four days and the companionship of a rare gem. For me, a writing retreat is a taste of freedom - the freedom to devote my attention to the part of my life that sometimes feels like it's starving.
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